I work to assess what each client needs and develop a path forward. Currently I specialize in the following:

  • Project management and coordination
  • Facilitation and Training
  • Equity planning
  • Program development
  • Development of or formalizing of collaboratives or coalitions
  • Using storytelling to advance personal and organizational goals (more below)
A simple digital story about something I love

Storytelling has broad applications in building connection and increasing understanding at both the individual and group level.

I use storytelling and other skills to help you or your organization to:

  • Articulate your work
  • Assess impact
  • Communicate to the public and to key stakeholders
  • Conduct interviews or focus groups
  • Create audio or digital stories
  • Determine appropriate storytelling options
  • Facilitate processes to improve understanding and build trust
  • Hold space for exploration
  • Improving understanding between groups
  • Support team building
  • Understand client perspectives

Please contact me ( to arrange for an initial conversation at no cost to you.

My fees for services are sliding scale. The usual range is $65/hr To $125/hr to Please contact me if cost is a barrier or if you want to make a donation to support access to services for an individual or organization with a very limited budget.