When I was packing up my house in Portland Oregon, in 2018, I became acutely aware that I would need to find community and connection when I reached the East Coast. In looking at some events in Connecticut, I came across a post for a narrative storytelling class run by Terry Wolfisch Cole at Tell Me Another. I signed up and after participating, I did three stories in front of live audiences.

It is terA picture of Isabelle with her brown hair in braids. She is wearing over the ear headphones, black glasses and red lipstick. She is smiling in a mischievous way.rifying and empowering to do this. It also begs the question– What is ok to share? While not every story needs to be deeply emotional, there does need to be a journey or a change that is worth hearing about. Terry’s advice, goes something like this–“Show them your scars, not open wounds.”

Since then, I’ve learned that not every storytelling method requires that wounds be healed. Writing prompts can help clarify issues that are begging to be released. Creating digital stories lets people put something in the world without requiring the vulnerability of the stage.

For me, the process of pulling a story together is as important as the final product. When I’m working with people I put creating a safe and brave space at the top of my list. People should feel better leaving an interview or meeting than when they went in. I’ve always cared about this and I’ve had a lot of experience working in environments that did not support my well-being. I put a premium on truly hearing and seeing people and being vulnerable enough to be truly seen and heard too.

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